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About EarthCare

The Canadian EarthCare Society (EarthCare) is a non-profit environmental organization with a mandate to protect Earth's environment through advocacy and public education...



The Green Vacation Challenge: An Initiative from EarthCare and Bearfoot Canada


What's New?

Showing film, "Future of Food" To Your
Group! For more information about the movie click here.

There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America -- a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat.

Public viewing at the downtown branch of the Okanagan Regional
Library at 1380 Ellis Street on Saturday, July 15th at 1:00 pm.
It's free or by donation.

The Canadian EarthCare Society Promotes Water
Conservation Product and Soil Conservation



Zeba is a biodegradable, non-toxic, odourless, corn starch based super-absorbant product that promotes healthy lawns, landscapes and houseplants with less watering.

For more details and sale information follow the link.

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EarthCare and Katimavik meet the Mayor of Kelowna

The city hall will do a public consultation on sustainability.
To participate go to www.futureok.ca

From the left to the right: Paul Kitz, Lloyd Manchester, Valérie Ethier, Sharon Shepherd and Geneviève Frangié

Solutions to make your lawn healthy and how to use native plants to reduce water consumption

Is a National Park Reserve Feasible?

The South Okanagan-Lower Similkameen is part of the "Interior Dry Plateau", a region of rolling plains dissected by deep valleys and long narrow lakes with a particular ecosystem. This area is one of the most interesting and ecologically diverse parts of Canada with many native plants and animals, and natural communities found nowhere else in Canada. The Interior Dry Plateau Natural Region is currently not represented in the national parks system. Parks Canada and the province of British Columbia are examining the possibility of protecting this area by identifying a certain park boundary. Read more...

Rain Barrels For Sale
"Every Day"
Because Every Drop Count$

EarthCare has painted and plain rainbarrels for sale year round. You can purchase a rain barrel for $55.00 plus GST, and a garden watersaver kit adapter for $25.00 plus GST. Please call 861-4788 to order your barrel now.

Read More Information on Rainbarrels....

Rainbarrel FAQ

Open Houses on Future of
and Recycling Programs

Want more plastics accepted in your blue bag? More frequent yard waste pickup? Better recycling programs for apartment buildings? Or a better way to recycle construction waste – and save money?

Then join us at an Open House near you to have your say in the future of garbage and recycling programs in your community.

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Uranium mining in the Okanagan Valley

Take Action on Uranium Mining

Update: Coalition Organized to Oppose Uranium Mining in British Columbia
EarthCare has joined the Uranium-Free BC Mining Coalition.
Read the Press Release Here.

Update: Boss Gold International (BOG.H) now controls the Blizzard Uranium Deposit
For details of this announcement, click here.

We will be updating our site on this issue as time permits. In the meantime, we encourage you to write letters to the government requesting that Uranium mining not be allowed in British Columbia and that a moritorium be enacted. Read More....

Meg Sears 2,4-D document

In this article: Pesticide regulation is examined in the context of Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s assessment of the chlorophenoxy herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) for turf. 2,4-D. Read More...

City Of Kelowna Launches "Be Pesticide Free" Campaign

The City of Kelowna is launching a new campaign encouraging residents to reduce pesticide use and explore pesticide alternatives for the home and garden. To promote the "Be Pesticide Free" campaign, the Environment Division is offering Pesticide Free lawn signs and carabiner key chains that include "recipe" cards for creating eco-friendly pesticide alternatives such as "hot and spicy pest repellent", "vinegar weed eradicator" and "orange zest". Read More...

City of Kelowna Considers Enacting Pesticide Bylaw

Kelowna City Council, in their meeting on Monday, considered creating a bylaw prohibiting the use of certain cosmetic pesticides, citing existing support for such a bylaw and the need for education of the effects of pesticides on groundwater and wildlife. Read More....

Sign Up for the Pesticide Notification Registry
Do your Health a Favour, Protect Your Family and your Pets, Sign up now!

TO REGISTER please phone (250) 469-8556 or email enviro@kelowna.ca. You must provide your name, phone number and address, including your postal code. You must specify whether you want previous-day or same-day notification. As well, you must state the reasons for your concern about pesticides near you.
More Important Info....
ALSO, come in to Earthcare and recieve a free "Pesticide Free" sign and stake for your lawn, and a free "Earth-Friendly Natural Recipes" carabiner keychain when you sign up for the pesticide registry.

EarthCare Kicks off the Green Vacation Challenge
View our Website at www.greenvacationchallenge.com
- Also, check out the Press Release

EarthCare Thanks Its Katimavik Volunteers

Our new Katimavik participants arrived March 29, and will be with EarthCare until the end of June 2006. Picture is in our office. From left to right, they are Valérie Either from Saint-Grégoire, Québec; Paul Kitz from Toronto, Ontario; Alex Roerick from Whitby, Ontario; and Geneviève Frangié from Laval Québec.

See the Previous Katimavik Volunteers

For Older Updates, See our ARCHIVE

How We Do It

EarthCare has used appeal processes, the court systems, discussions with politicians, corporations and stakeholder groups to create an atmosphere that fosters positive change. Over 90% of our work is educationally based.

We support the public in voicing their concerns on environmental issues that affect their lives. EarthCare hopes that you will utilize our website to become aware and effect change. Please use our take action section!! It is important to let decision makers know how you feel.

Our mission is to create change in a positive manner for the benefit of all. We hope you will join us.


* Contact information for BC MLAs, the Minister of Forests and the premier is available on our "links and resources" page.


The Canadian EarthCare Society is always looking for community concious individuals who would like to do more to help.

Volunteers are a big part of our organization. If you feel you fit this bill then we encourage you to please fill out our volunteer application...